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Best Facebook Camera APP by PicVidShare Now Available on Google Play


When people take a photo they want to share What it is, Who they’re with, and Where they are.

PicVidShare is a Mobile Social Media Photo APP supported by a website and social community. PicVidShare Camera APP  allows smart camera users to overlay text on their photos, that can tell viewers of their photos where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re doing. Then link to even more information.

PicVidShare Camera APP saves the pic with the text on it so you can use it on google+, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. You can even text it to your friends.

PicVidShare Camera APP Sunset Costa Mesa California

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Here is what a post to Facebook looks like. You can add your own link instead of PicVidShare.


Duck Ponds Orange County, California

Click the Picture for Best Facebook Camera APP Available on Google Play

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