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 YouTube Video on How to add text and links to your pictures and save it all in templates. The video shows how to get it to crop the pic for Facebook then post it right on your page.

This is just the start. We would appreciate your feedback on PicVidShare Facebook Camera APP Survey.


Send your feedback to PicVidShare using this contact information: Subject PicVidShare APP Tester picvidshare@gmail.com. or you can fill out the form below for updates and new versions.

PicVidShare Automatic Facebook Camera APP answers the question. Why do I need to keep adding information I already added? PicVidShare will automatically put text links in your Facebook post and picture. It saves the information in Templates so next time you don’t need to enter it again. Of course you can edit the templates or create a brand new name.

Tell people who took that picture and what it is; right on the picture and link to more information. Spend less time looking at your phone and more enjoying what’s going on.

If you wish to share comments and learn about all the cool stuff we plan to add fill out this form. Please tell us what kind of phone you have and anything you wish to share including links to social media, photography or websites in the message box.

Of course you can just get the Camera APP on Google Play.

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