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Help Share Bhakti Fest – Visit our Social pages listed below to learn more about Kirtan, Yoga and the Yoga Lifestyle. Use PicVidShare Universal Camera APP to put text & links on Facebook pics. Go to Google Play Store and install PicVidShare. Scroll down for video instructions.

Free – Twelve hours of live streaming Kirtan concerts

Bhakti Fest | Shakti Fest | Midwest Retreat Website


Shakti Fest Blesing

This was created with the PicVidShare Camera APP to automatically add text and links on pictures.

To share Shakti on Facebook using your Android phone go to Google Play and install PicVidShare. When you post to Facebook add /Bhakti after PicVidShare.com link. Save as a template with text on the picture so you will not need to type it again. Watch this video to learn how to share on Facebook.

It then saves the picture in a folder with the text on it so you can share it on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and even text it.

Tell people who took that picture and what it is; right on the picture and link to more information. Spend less time looking at your phone and more enjoying what’s going on.

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