Google + Cover Photo Editing

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Google + Cover Photo Editing

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How to edit the size of your Google + Cover Photo
Social media consultants all agree your photo is one of the most important aspects of your profile. Here is how to make the most of your Google + Cover Photo.


Edited Re-Sized Google Plus Cover Photo Gerry Grant Social Media Newport Beach, Orange County CA

Here is what my new Google + Cover Photo looks like. CLICK HERE >> Author Gerry Grant’s Google + Profile Add me to your Circles.


If you have selected the Google Plus option of making your Google Plus Cover photo bigger and then realized it is way too big this is how you can edit it. Google does not let you reverse this decision so you will need to do this work-around to get it right. This also works in your Google Plus business profile.


The Google Plus Cover photo is a place to put photos that represent you and your life.
Open your favorite photo editor and select New. Make a blank canvas in your photo editor of 2190 X 1192. Then make the photos you want to use about 450 to 600 high. You can divide the 2190 number by the number of photos to get an approximate width.


I suggest you include a few pictures or one really great one. Make the pictures the same height. I used 450 pixels for height. Fit the photos in next to each other. Leave a place for you picture when it is laid on top of the whole thing.
You can put a logo or some text on the photos up a little high.
Leave the top as white space.


The bottom of the pictures will be a little opaque so put info up high.
Create some white space at the bottom so your profile picture of your face will be in the grey area and stand out better. I used about 200 pixels for height for the white space. Experiment until you get the spacing you want.


Click the Change Cover button.


Load new picture into cover spot.


Once loaded double click the image, in the top left select Edit Photo.


Crop to include just the photos leaving out the white space.


Save then Refresh your Google Plus profile page to see results.


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