Seth Pincus

April 15 2016| 0 Comments

Sound Healing with Seth Pincus

The didgeridoo, harmonic toning, and a wide array of other healing tools are utilized to facilitate profound states of peace, balance, and inner harmony.

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About Seth Pincus:

He is currently studying with a spiritual master, Louix Dor Dempriey, in Laguna Hills, CA. He has studied sound healing with Jonathan Goldman, the author of “Healing Sounds”, and John Bealleu of Biosonics.

He has studied Tuvan Throat singing with Shama Nikoly Oorzhak and Peruvian Shamanism with Fran Russo of Ayllusuyu.

Please contact Seth at (732) 609-4639 or DidgiHealer@gmail.com regarding more information or to book a session.

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