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Getting Started with Google Plus

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According to Google,  Google+ or Google Plus or G+ is how Google does the Internet. Google +, the way I like to type it, brings together a lot of the cool things Google does. When you are in your Home section it has a Stream of information from Circles that you have selected.


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Google + | Introduce yourself in your profile.


Tell about yourself and what you like. Use a quality profile picture showing your head. People want to confirm who you are. Putting a picture of your dog or cat does not help with this. Your Google+ profile helps people recognize you across Google.





Connect Great Information, Business Friends and Family


Add Circles that have information you want to know. Target your Circles to just the people and information you are interested in and have something in common with.





Share relevant information on Google +


Google+ is about sharing information that people are interested in. When you find an interesting post about something you think those in your Circles will find interesting you can give them a gift by adding a comment or +1.




Pick Relevant People and Communities


Google+ has some amazing people sharing their latest thoughts, videos, and photos. Pick the ones that are relevant to the topics you’re interested in. Music, education, Internet, sports and photographers are great to see on a daily basis. Join Communities that resonant with your life.



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